spring  and summer 2020

Most classes are on hold but contact Dewey Dabbles in art to see if space is available in our outdoor Tuesday and Thursday workshops

Other Classes and activities

Out of School Programs with Dewey Dabbles in Art

Wyrd Studio and Dewey Dabbles, partner to provide Art and STEM programs in the valley. During times when school is out Dewey Dabbles Art Camp is in, (check the link for details). On Tuesdays and Thursday during camp Miss Kay comes in with projects. Projects on Tuesdays build art skills in a variety of mediums. Projects on Thursday explore STEM concepts with some art in the mix to bring us to STEAM (STEM+Art=STEAM).

Build your Art Skills

STEAM Projects


Tuesdays 4 to 6

Thursday 4 to 6

Culture Craft

Year of the Pig

Rocky Mountain Watercolor

Art instruct Paint_6.JPG

Art Mashups

varied projects 

Art instruct Paint_2.jpg

Handbuilding and Sculpture

Heather n Hedwig.jpg