Telescopes and microscopes are tools that let us focus on the very small or very far away. Art can be a tool that lets us focus on anything. Anything we make the subject of our art.

In this way every bit of art we create is Art for Discovery.

Art can be created to serve curiosity. This section is dedicated to art that informs.

Caving is my hobbie and my job.I found myself drawn to cave ecosystems and their inhabitants. Being an artist, I started drawing the critters as I learned about them. It became a project  and this is the result. It is not a complete catalog of animals that might be found in the caves of the area but it is a nice introduction to caves, caving and cave life.

Link to The Bookworm

This book is available at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, The Bookworm of Edwards and several other outlets.

Rocky Mountain Cave Critters Coloring Book and Field Guide

Rocks and Fossils and more

images from coloring books projects and worksheets

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