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At Wyrd Studio I create fine and commercial art as well as  materials for projects and activities.

I also teach classes and workshops, both art classes and ones utilizing those edutainment materials, collectively called Culture Crafts.

By the way, my name is Kay Cochran, pleased to meet ya.

             217 E. 2nd St. Eagle, CO 81631

 POB 1098 Eagle, CO 81631

                    (970) 250-9559

Mission: Art and Discovery.

I like creating art and I’m insatiably curious.

Because both these things make me happy, I like to share them.

One side of the business is creating art and I’d be very pleased to help a business or other enterprise by creating logos, posters and the like. I’d also be honored to be a part of someone’s life by creating a special piece of artwork.


The other side my work is as a teacher of sorts. I've never given out a grade or a report card but I do teach various art classes as well as use my art to create projects designed to ignite curiosity and make information accessible and interesting.

These projects, activities and classes are for both children and adults. Many focus on history and culture, some on the sciences with focus on geology and biology  some exist at the meeting point of art and craft and some are simply, art for art's sake. 

Because so many activities are not pure art but happen in conjunction with other interests, I went in search of a word to describe these creations. Infotainment sounded good at first but it has a celebrity gossip feel to it. Edutainment comes the closest so…I create edutainment to fulfill the discovery part of my mission.

Contact Wyrd Studio
just email

I guess a bio is in order so....

My bio - the short form

·        Some display of artistic ability as child, highlights include a clay rat that frighten a neighbor lady, an overly somber self portrait and a reasonably functional sword and  fireplace pokers created after talking my parents into blacksmithing lessons.

·         Not much for years

·         Started working for commercial haunted houses, soon started sculpting monsters, found I was pretty good at it. Did that for a few years.

·         Lost my apartment when a company I was working for went under without paying peeps….landed in LA.

·         Learned more about sculpting as well as skills more useful in Hollywood then the wider economy including mold making, F/X make-up, general fabrication and some painting.

·         Took a summer job as an the arts and crafts person at a day camp, decided that was cool to.

·         Went to college (an item that had slipped my mind up to this point) for childhood development but ended up with an art degree as well. Learned more two-dimensional art skills at this time.

·         Moved to CO to work in a summer camp arts program, did that and a related afterschool program for several years.

·         Got a job as a cave tour guide and started my own arts business-Wyrd Studio.

·         Started caving much more then I had ever been able to do before and finding new underground subjects to be my creepy crawly muses.

·         Did a lot of my own art during all this.

That pretty much covers it.

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